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Great Freight to Shanghai

Shipping goods overseas by air or sea freight for our clients is expertly handled by our experienced freight team.

Recently we despatched goods to all four corners of the world, including Singapore, Shanghai, New York, Kowloon, Kuala Lumpur, Nicosia, Colombia and Guadeloupe.

Kraft celebrated the 100th birthday of its Oreo biscuit in Shanghai on Tuesday by turning the waterfront into a vast Oreo advertisement, painting the landmark Oriental Pearl Tower Oreo blue, plastering skyscrapers
with multi-storey neon Oreo adverts and staging fireworks over the Huangpu River.
It was a celebration of one of history’s most successful global brands – and of how that brand has reinvented itself in China, where Oreo is the mainland’s best-selling biscuit.

In a bid to please Chinese taste buds, Kraft has made an Oreo with Chinese characteristics.

The original Oreo is less sweet on the Chinese mainland than in the US. Other changes are nothing short of revolutionary….

Some Oreos in China come in flavours such as green tea ice cream, grape-peach, mango-orange and raspberry-strawberry. Kraft says some of these flavours, developed first in China, have since become hits globally.

Even the “birthday cake” Oreo introduced to celebrate the cookie’s centenary is specially engineered to taste like a Chinese birthday cake – not an American one, says Kraft Foods China president.

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