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Transport Solution for Wimbledon

Wimbledon Tennis Championships is as much part of our British summertime as the rain! Strawberries, enthusiastic crowds, famous faces and of course wall to wall television coverage, all add to the atmosphere and tradition.

It takes an enormous amount of co-ordination from a multitude of companies and organisers to ensure those two weeks in June run smoothly.

Every year, Sussex Transport assists with the smooth running of Wimbledon by delivering/collecting vital TV and recording equipment for the broadcasters of the Championship.

Loading in one of our GPS tracked 18t box, tail lift vehicles, Sussex Transport are tasked with ensuring that the specialist and expensive items are safely transported in a timely fashion to meet with the tight schedule surrounding the Championship. GPS tracking means the client can be informed of where their delivery is at every leg of the journey.

Tennis isn’t just a great sport to watch its also a growing sport in the UK for recreation and leisure and one with major health benefits for the young and old.  Read more here

Truly a championship delivery service – game, set and match!