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A bumpy 2021 for the container industry – how did we fair?

The container industry certainly found itself on the news quite a lot in 2021. Starting back in 2020 the pandemic caused lockdowns that instantly hit orders and production, demand depleted alongside the ability to produce, containers were not being returned to the major manufacturing countries and movements naturally slowed.

China began to resume while others could not and containers continued to stack up in depots and ports. Shipping giants were forced to use older containers that they wouldn’t always re-use, which meant fewer were available for purchase and use for storage or conversion.

Throw in a collection of other factors like catching up, Brexit, congestion at ports due to paperwork and delays, and then a rather big issue in the Suez Canal last march (we’re sure you remember), and you’ve got one of the most perfect storms to hit an industry.

It sure has been an interesting one for the container marketplace.

We enjoyed and embraced the challenges, made some changes, worked hard with our supplier and partner network, and are pleased to report that we successfully navigated the year, and very much look forward to what 2022 brings for ST Containers, our team, our wonderful clients, partners, and customers. Take a peek at some of our highlights in this short update.

Here’s to a slightly less turbulent 2022 🤞

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