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Self Build Crane Assistance

At Sussex Transport our crane vehicles don’t just drop stuff on the doorstep and trundle off.  When required we can carry out the required risk assessments, create method statements and delivery contract lift solutions that provide real value to our customers, or our customer’s customer.

In the case of this novel modular building company, we do exactly that.  Self-build / DIY modular container sized buildings are being erected all over and a couple of examples of recent deliveries we have made are below.

The first images are from Omega Controls in Littlehampton. A fast-paced business offering rapid and quality electronic control solutions to worldwide industry.  Omega needed some office space inside their unit and purchasing these modular builds allows them to create a superb space and still be able to move them in the future as the business grows.  A great investment.

Omega Controls Modular Units Delivery

The below images are from an Alfa Romeo garage called Alfa Aid in Maidenhead where we had to slide the units carefully into position between a fence and the workshop.  5 Units, when bolted together with their front doors on, will become a superb showroom for more of their stunning Italian cars.

Alfa Aid New Showroom Units Modular Delivery