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Seasonal Spa Storage Solutions

Spas, Jacuzzi’s, hot tubs and raised pools may be the latest in ‘must have’ luxury garden accessories, but they are heavy, awkward and not easy to store if you are a retail outlet without much space.  If your display room is selling them like hot (tub) cakes, where are you keeping the stock?

Sussex Transport near Brighton on the South Coast, have large, 24hr secure warehouses with enough space to accommodate your storage of these items. In addition, we offer a pack and delivery service – although the option is still there if you prefer to do this yourself.

Hot tub suppliers are a classic example of business that can save thousands and thousands of pounds each year by outsourcing their storage and distribution requirements. Firstly, why pay for your own warehouse and all the associated costs when it sits half empty throughout the winter months. Using a pay as you go warehouse takes away from you the burden of Health & Safety / HR / Utilities etc and even allows you the luxury of selling your forklift truck etc and using the money for more stock (or a well deserved holiday).

Why not give us a call and book an appointment to discuss options for storage with one of our Directors?