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Sculpture & Signage Installation

Our driver Rob and one of our 62t Lorry loader vehicles spent a day in the beautiful Whitley Wood (Reading) last week helping to erect new artwork titled “Whitley Wood Album).

Bruce Williams designed, the signs are all based on photographs found in family albums, school archives and through local community groups.

The artist has laser-cut the images in sheet steel and raised them up against the sky to create huge, permanent photographs.

Depicted in the three sets of photographs are…
1. The 1950’s players from Rabson’s Rovers, beside the pitches where they used to play.

2. Outside Geoffrey Field School is cheerful line up of the catering staff in their uniforms. They are also backed by a row of children in fancy dress costumes at a VE Day party in 1945.

3. The largest image, on Whitley Wood Lane roundabout, is a group of 30 year five children from the same school who welcome you into Whitley Wood.

The steel fabricators and installers are a Sussex based customer of ours who have worked with Bruce Williams a number of times.

The project is funded by Tesco and managed by Reading Borough council.

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