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Littlehampton to Leicester Panel Delivery

With our varied fleet of vehicles, Sussex Transport can cover many of your road haulage requirements.  Our large, secure warehouses can also store your goods ready for despatch!

 Last week one of our Sprinter vans made a dedicated delivery of goods on behalf of a client to Leicester.  Solar panels, having been stored in our warehouse, were carefully transported to their final destination, where they will be saving one lucky householder a fortune in electricity!

‘’They’’ say you can save around £120 per year by having solar panels installed … and for an extra saving why not install a wind turbine – the reduction becomes even more impressive! A wind turbine costs between £15,000 and £22,000 to install, but this should provide enough electricity for lighting and appliances in a typical home, according to the Energy Saving Trust. A 2.5 kWh turbine should generate around 4,000 kWh of electricity per year, which could mean income and savings of £1,300 per year!


Maybe we could save you some energy looking for a reliable, family run haulage firm to work with your business? Simply dial 01903 751100 or email us on for a ray of sunshine amongst other quotes…!