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Crawley to Littlehampton Haulage

Sussex Transport made a dedicated delivery of palletised items in one of their fleet of Sprinter vans from Crawley to Littlehampton this week.

In the same week, anglers in seaside resort of Littlehampton were expressing their excitement at the fish the unusually warm weather had been responsible for.  March this year has seen temperatures far higher than the national average and this is thought to be the reason fish of a much larger size than anglers are used to netting were being landed!

The warmer weather has brought sea temperatures up by about 3 degrees, attracting a higher number of smaller fish, which in turn bring in larger, predatory species who wouldn’t normally feed in this area.

In the space of a couple of days Littlehampton fishermen netted a rare, 35lb deep sea angler fish, as well as three uncommonly large blonde rays – all more usually found in oceans hundreds of metres deep. The angler who caught the enormous 35lb fish stated, ‘’It’s so rare to see one this size, away from the deeper oceans. The average catch could be about 10lb. It was enormous – at least 18 years old.”

Littlehampton fishermen have never seen anything like it – they have netted some record breaking catches that anyone would struggle to see in a lifetime.  One local angler stated , ‘’Littlehampton’s sea is absolutely teeming with life. It’s truly unprecedented.’’

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