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Container Storage Association Membership

We are pleased to confirm that Sussex Transport are now proud members of the CSTA.

Who are the CSTA?

The CSTA is the international trade body for container self-storage and container traders. Representing the interest of operators, traders and innovators in the industry and helping ensure public and end users are able to successfully source shipping containers for their own use. Further information on

What is the Accredited Member Scheme?

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The Accredited Member Scheme is designed to protect Container Self-Storage Operators and Container Traders. The aim is to ensure these suppliers maintain a consistently high level of quality and professionalism across all levels of the industry.  Members must meet CSTA criteria for membership and adhere to the CSTA code of conduct.

Why should you source containers from a CSTA Member? 

Well, there are an awful lot of reasons and they roughly fit into two main areas. Quality and Legality.

Quality of Container and Service: Set by the Code of Conduct – All members sign up to the code of conduct, with the aim being the protection of the industry as a whole, right from supplier through to the end-users. Most importantly ensuring all members are legitimate, established, professional organisations who can meet your expectations and deliver on their contracts. The code of conduct can be found on the CTIA website by following this link.

Legality: Scams and Scammers – Among other types of container-related scams you could find yourself buying a container that belongs to a shipping line, you could buy a container online that is not fit for purpose, or use a container self-storage yard which turns out to be far from ‘up to scratch’. Amateur and professional scammers have been prolific in recent years across all industries and buying from a CSTA member is one of your best lines of defence against these scams. Accredited Members can be found on the CSTA Website.

If you would like to talk to one of our sales team about container hire, purchase or storage then please get in touch with us today on 0800 9152323 or complete our contact form.  You could also head to the website of our dedicated container division ST Containers