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Scaffolding Contract Lift Services

As we approached the festive season, our team undertook a significant contract lift project that demonstrated our expertise in precision lifting and logistical planning. Contracted by a local scaffolding company, our task was to perform a crucial lift at a public site, setting the stage for essential repairs to be carried out on a sports hall.

The Challenge: The project involved lifting nine 24-meter-long scaffold roof trusses from a storage area into position over the sports hall. This task was not only challenging due to the size and location of the trusses but also because it required meticulous coordination to ensure the safety and efficiency of the operation in a public space.

Our Approach: To tackle this project, we partnered with a carefully selected site crane provider. Our appointed person, an expert in handling such intricate operations, determined that a 60-ton mobile crane would be ideally suited for the task. To guarantee the highest safety standards, we provided a comprehensive risk assessment and method statement (RAMS). Our team, including a lift supervisor and a skilled slinger/signaller, was on-site to oversee the operation. Additionally, we supplied a suite of crane support mats to ensure stability and safety during the lift.

Execution and Success: The lift was executed flawlessly. Each truss was carefully lifted and positioned as planned, with our team’s expertise ensuring that the entire operation ran smoothly and without incident. The successful completion of this lift allowed the sports hall to be adequately protected, facilitating the necessary repair works.

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This contract lift is a testament to Sussex Transport’s ability to handle complex logistics challenges. Our commitment to safety, precision, and careful planning is evident in the success of this project. We pride ourselves on delivering top-tier logistic services, no matter the complexity of the task at hand.

Stay tuned for more updates on our latest projects and how Sussex Transport continues to set the standard in logistics and contract lift services.