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Outdoor Gym Delivery: Sussex Transport

Call 01903 751100 for a quote! With a fleet of HIAB flatbed vehicles and impressive reputation – along with the much respected FORS Gold accreditation, Sussex Transport were selected as the haulier of choice to deliver and assist with the  the installation of a  wooden playground last week.

It’s not just the children who can exercise in local parks anymore – with the increase of the adult playground or outdoor gym, exercise machines are cropping up in parks and open spaces up and down the UK!

It’s the latest bit of government “nudge theory” The theory being, if you ‘stumble’ across the fitness area in the park it might encourage you to have a go!

These gyms are especially effective for those who do not wish to pay increasing membership costs or feel embarrassed  having to make the first move to regular exercise at their local fitness centre.

Cost and accessibility are the two main barriers for people wanting to exercise and adult playgrounds remove these barriers, which is why their popularity has grown.

The run-up to the Olympics in 21012 saw a surge in demand, with orders for outdoor gym equipment up 1,200% in that year.

  • It is believed that 26% of those who were using the outdoor gyms had never exercised before.
  • The Department of Health recommends adults participate in 150 minutes of physical activity each week and yet many Britons do not achieve this on a weekly basis.

Why not exercise your freedom of choice… and try Sussex Transport next time you need a fast, effective delivery? Call us for a quote or discuss your requirements on 01903 751100 or email us at

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