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Southwick to Sittingbourne Flatbed Delivery


Flatbed, HIAB, Moffett, Artic, Sprinter, 7.5t – Sussex Transport have a variety of haulage options for you! Accompanied by experienced, uniformed drivers – our fleet is available for journeys UK & European wide.

Recently we made a dedicated delivery for a client from Southwick in Sussex to Sittingbourne in Kent with one of our Flatbed trucks.

A burglar chanced his luck in Sittingbourne in February this year when he attempted to steal a diamond encrusted Rolex watch worth £11,500 having seen it up for auction on Ebay.The tables were turned on him after the family were having none of it, pinned him down and called the police! – The 21 year old thief ended up begging police to rescue him from the angry owners of the watch!He was shown little sympathy by the court this month and was jailed for 5 years! Unfortunately the thief had reduced the value of the watch by £5,000 after he sprayed it with a self defence gel spray.

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