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Here at Sussex Transport we quite often get asked to provide transport for many weird and wonderful things.  Pretty much anything and everything you could think of, and some you probably haven’t!  Sometimes transport is secondary, and bulk, overflow or ‘just in time’ pallet storage is equally as critical for many of our customers.

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Recently a Sussex based customer wanted to move some pallets out of an unmanned / low use warehouse so as to cut down on their staff and building overheads.  Looking to move approx 200 standard stock pallets along with a temporarily redundant forklift, they asked that once collected, we could arrange to have them and the forklift truck put into storage with us.  The business case for them was simple and has become a far cheaper and more cost-effective way for them to manage and store the goods.

The project timeline is currently undecided but most contract warehousing starts like this.  We are always more than happy to help and pride ourselves in being extremely flexible, and able to work with whatever our customers need. Our approach often leads to us becoming an integral part of the supply chain.

We discussed our customer requirements and the time window they had to work with. We then planned accordingly and worked out the most efficient and cost effective way to accommodate their specific needs. We agreed that the best way forward would be to supply a tractor unit, two curtain sided trailers, a hiab and a couple of our extremely capable drivers…

Hiab and Artic Pallet and Forklift Move

The day prior to commencement we arranged to drop an empty trailer at their premises for loading, the following day bright and early we sent an artic driver to collect the loaded trailer and to swap with an empty trailer, he then began shunting to and fro.  Using two trailers meant that whilst he was being unloaded at our warehouse the empty trailer that was dropped earlier could be loaded for the second trip. No time was wasted and we continued swapping trailers and drops until all the pallets had been loaded and placed into storage. We then supplied a hiab to collect the forklift truck and move that into storage as well…

Job Done!

Forklift Transport Sussex

Using the two trailers and dropping the first off the day prior for loading meant that we were able to complete the job in two days instead of the planned three, saving our customer money on not only the transport but also on their own resource…

We became a true one-stop shop for the client and have subsequently priced an extremely cost-effective and rapid re-delivery service back to them one pallet at a time or in bulk loads as they require the goods for manufacture.  We’ve also worked on a bespoke goods-in process and plan which ensures we can now handle the container unloads on their behalf at the storage facility (no more shunting our way and more money saved).


“I can’t believe how simple this has been since bringing Sussex Transport on board.  This was a project we have held off in fear of downtime and cost to the business, but now we can’t believe we didn’t do it sooner. Thanks to our new Logistics team!”

A Win Win Situation…. Happy Customer = Repeat Business = Happy Haulier!

We at Sussex Transport run a diverse fleet of HIABs, Artics with flatbed (moffett), curtainsider (moffett) or low-loader trailers, 7.5t (curtain or box), Sprinter, and rigid Flatbeds and can offer a dedicated service to cover a wide variety of work, we are happy to quote as a job price or as a day rate or whatever suits you, the customer.

Sussex Transport are here to help you with any of your transport and storage solution needs in any shape or form…

Call us now on 0800 915 23 23 or fill in our warehousing or transport contact form…