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FoodPioneers Wildlife Revival

You may recall the work we did last year with the FoodPioneers and their Bee’s and Sea’s project. The events were a great success and we cant wait to see what this year brings for our local pollinators.

But we wanted to share a little news from the team just to keep those interested parties up to date.

So… without further ado, below is the group’s most recent project update.

With our natural environment in crisis, pollinators in decline, and many social issues intensifying post-pandemic, a diverse group of individuals have come together to run a renowned and unique social enterprise, to benefit people and wildlife across Worthing. The aim is to revive the transformation of an accessible nature hub for the local community, at Brooklands Park. Supported by the Worthing Honey Collective, The Bees & Seas Apiary (excluded from the local council’s masterplan) creates a unique ecological link between the sea and the South Downs and will inspire the local community to work together to expand the local pollinator footprint.

Over the last six years Debs Butler and Company Directors have built an aspirational community company to support groups living in food poverty, strengthen local ecosystems and connect community. Louise Coles, Lisa Craik, and Celine Murphy have now taken over this legacy to continue the remarkable work and develop the FoodPioneers vision into the next six years and beyond. All three directors have been heavily engaged in CIC operations to date and bring a wealth of diverse and transferable capability and passion. Ambitious plans are afoot for pollinator growth, apiary development, and local conservation projects across our blue and green space.

FoodPioneers have built an enthusiastic, skilled and dedicated group of local volunteers over the years. Celine, Lisa and Louise are currently working on a strategy to best support ‘Bees & Seas’ and the ‘Worthing Honey Collective’ ensuring the local FoodPioneer community thrives well into the future.

The new team are very passionate about connecting, supporting, and educating local communities to champion nature and pollinators, and are determined to help make Worthing town a more vibrant, diverse and supportive place to live.

Debs, who is moving to Scotland to fulfil a lifelong dream, states “It’s been an incredible 6 years and I’m so very proud of what has been achieved. Thank you to all our friends and funders for their continued support and I’m delighted to be passing the baton on to three incredible women who bring passion, drive and bags of expertise and experience.’’ Debs will be sorely missed, and the community wish her luck, love, and good fortune on her new adventure.

The directors will soon share their plans for 2022 and beyond, please watch this space for further updates on the next chapter for We Are FoodPioneers. This sounds like an inspiring movement to become a part of!