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Container Storage Solution

Over the last decade commercial to residential development and UK Business growth has meant that commercial space has increasingly become a real premium for many businesses and areas of the country.  Bolt on Brexit and its uncertainties, a drop in planned sales for some during 2020 (which means more stock held on site), and then add Christmas stock into the pot and you’ve probably got little to no space.

You are not alone!

Subcontracting storage of goods or materials out to local bulk warehouses is a great option – but regular access to them is often needed, and as such it can sometimes become costly or impractical.  Either that, or the period of time you think you’ll need the extra storage for may just not be long enough for you to consider it.

Either way… there is another option. An option you may have considered but didn’t know how easy, or cost effective it could be.

At Sussex Transport we’ve been there, we store our own goods, and we store goods for clients.  We feel the pain and we’re helping many companies through it with the addition of our Container hire division – ST Containers.

ST Containers supply businesses like yours with secure storage containers. Most commonly in 20ft or 40ft form Storage Containers are secure, weatherproof, immediately available, and very rarely need planning permission.  Not to mention extremely cost effective.

Luckily for Sussex Transport and our customers we’ve been delivering these containers to clients for over a decade, and run a fleet of truck mounted crane vehicles that can position them exactly where you want them on your site (within reason of course).

You’ll be surprised how cost effective a storage container will be, and quite often we find our clients quickly end up with more than 1.  Ultimate flexibility at a great weekly rental price (or a great purchase price if you want to own yours outright).

“How do I get one?” We hear you say

You can hop onto and learn a little more, fill out the contact form or call the team on 0800 915 23 23.  Or, you can use our really cool quote request tool at where we’ve taken advantage of some of the latest tech in the world of GPS from What3Words to bring you a quote tool that allows you to pin point exactly where you want your container to be placed and enables our team to verify the location and provide an accurate quote.