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You may wonder how to transport a forklift truck  – wonder no more!  Moving machinery such as forklift trucks is part of the regular day to day work at Sussex Transport. With the ease of the on board crane, our fleet of HIAB trucks made light work of transporting a forklift truck from London to a building site in Sandwich, Kent.

This year marks the 250th anniversary of the humble sandwich – named after the town, when John Montagu, the fourth Earl of Sandwich, ordered beef served between slices of bread back in 1762.

The story goes that the Earl asked for the particular serving so that he could eat while continuing to play cards and his friends asked “to have the same as Sandwich”, according to the British Sandwich Association.

This year the Kent town of Sandwich is celebrating the 250th anniversary of the meal.

Some quick snack facts…
• According to the British Sandwich Association the sandwich industry employs more than 300,000 people in the UK and has a commercial value of over £6bn.
• In the last year 1.69 billion sandwiches were sold, at an average price of £1.66
• Over 62% of the population buy a sandwich at least once a year
• People in Yorkshire spend the most on sandwiches – an average of over £114 a year
• People in the South West spend the least – an average of £55 a year.
• The most expensive place to buy a sandwich is London – £1.83 versus a national average of £1.66
• Over 30% of all sandwiches sold have chicken as a filling
• With a further 2.67 billion sandwiches made for lunch boxes, this means UK consumers are currently consuming nearly 11 billion sandwiches per year.

Feeling peckish?

The most expensive sandwich in the world has been traced to Paris – where the ‘club sandwich’ (a tripled layer of bacon, chicken, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise) will cost you £20.59!!
It’s British sandwich week this week! Why not treat yourself to a change? Taste the difference with our haulage business and see how we can treat you to a slice of our professional service – upper crust style!   Call us on 01903 751100 or email