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France Shepherds Hut Low Loader

Moving large and heavy objects can be a challenging task, especially when the loading and unloading locations cannot accommodate a lorry loader / hiab crane vehicle. In some cases, low loader vehicles then become the ideal solution.  Especially for transporting objects such as Shepherds Huts, which can be quite heavy and bulky – but also have wheels of their own.

At Sussex Transport, we specialize in moving Shepherds Huts as you will have seen before, most often on our fleet of lorry loader vehicles.  We recently received a request to deliver one down to France where crane offload was not just impossible, it would also have added a chunk of cost.  Using low-loader vehicles can at times offer a lower-cost alternative to crane offload, especially on longer journeys.

Recently, we transported a Shepherds Hut from Collection from Cowdray Shepherd’s Huts in Gloucestershire, all the way to Chemin Des Endes in Southern France, between Avignon and Aix-En-Provence.

We collected the hut on a Friday using our artic low loader, and with the help of an onboard winch, we loaded it via the ramps. Prior to the journey, we put the customer in touch with a customs clearance agent, Salvatori, to assist with the post-Brexit process. This ensured a smooth and hassle-free journey for us, and the customer.

Our driver, Aaron, set off on the Monday morning and arrived at the ferry port for a 7:00am crossing. The blue skies and a few days away made Aaron very happy as you can see.  He then drove down the A6 motorway via Reims, Troyes (overnight), Dijon, Lyon, Orange, and finally, to Chemin in the Luberon National Park.

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On Tuesday afternoon, Aaron delivered the Shepherds Hut to its new home at a glamping site, where it was winched back off the trailer and into position. The site owner was delighted with the delivery.

Using low-loader vehicles to transport heavy and bulky objects such as Shepherds Huts is not only cost-effective but also offers a practical solution when crane offload is not an option. At Sussex Transport, we have years of experience in moving Shepherds Huts and other heavy loads, and we pride ourselves on our professional and reliable service.

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