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Elevator Storage Partner

At Sussex Transport we are the perfect partner for your lift/elevator business.

Today we’ve seen yet another lift successfully loaded and transported to the installation site.

Most lift/elevator installers simply don’t have the space to store a large lift pre-installation.

It’s even more unlikely that you can offload and reload such cumbersome and weighty goods onto a delivery vehicle.

So when that bespoke lift gets delivered early, the site isn’t ready, or you simply want to ensure the lift is in the country and you’ve had a chance to check it before the install date then give us a call.

Your goods simply arrive with us, are safely unloaded, stored and reloaded onto our superb delivery fleet of HIAB Crane vehicles, or Moffett Forklift vehicles and delivered straight to your installation site.

If you run a lift installation business or have goods similar to this, then please give us a call on 01903 751100 or email us using the contact forms on our contact page.