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London Steelwork Roof Lift

Have you ever wondered how these steel structures get onto the roof tops of these city buildings?  Whether they are for viewing rooms, garden rooms or extra living accommodation steel framework is a superb way of construction way up there!

Recently we carried out a hiab transport job in London for a client who needed a collection of steelworks lifted up to floor 6 of a building in Soho, London.

There are site cranes, there are scaffolding and pully systems, but when site conditions allow the very best option is a lifting team and a lorry loader.

Cue Sussex Transport, Greg and one of our HIAB crane and rigid 26t combos.  Lifting all components of this steelwork was a breeze thanks to great planning, versatile cranes and a short road closure.

The construction team had what they wanted, where they wanted it with minimal fuss and implications to every day London life.

If you have a contract lift in London give us a shout today to discuss your project – we’d be happy to help – It’s very much our thing.

Call the team on 0800 915 23 23, or complete our lifting quote request form.

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