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Surrey Steel Lift Fassi

Who do you call when you need to shift a collection of 9-10m long steels weighing 2t up to the 3rd floor?

Plenty of people…..

But add in the desire to do this without closing the road for too long, without a site crane and without taking the whole scaffold roof off and the list of parties who can do this for you diminishes massively.

Our construction logistics and lifting team are making a bit of a name for themselves in the trade. Saving builders and home-owners time, money, and hassle with our crane and fly jib combinations.  For us it is not just interesting, it is also rewarding.

Check out this Surrey house where we had to close the road and lift in a collection of floor steels ready for the next phase of the upper floor rebuild and reconfiguration.

For help with all your construction logistics needs give our expert planning and lifting team a call on 0800 9152323 or complete one of our contact forms