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Those of you who live in Brighton and the surrounding areas will almost certainly be aware of “The Warren”. An event dubbed by the organisors as a festival-within-a-festival the Warren is a multi-venue festival hub and member of the Brighton Fringe family.

Playing host to entertainment for all ages across multiple on-site theatres in the heart of Brighton, the team and event also supplies and top-notch food from a collection of festival bars.

the warren on the beach

The event combines theatre, comedy, spoken word, dance and more and runs from May through to July in Victoria Gardens, and then East of the Pier for the Summer when it becomes “Warren on The Beach”

Now these events take some putting on, and the team at Otherplace does an amazing job, but many events need structures, and those structures require some serious heavy lifting.  That’s where we come in.

Earlier this year, when the event became a post covid reality, it was time to sit down, plan and discuss how our team could bring in all the containers and structures ready for the Victoria Gardens Festival.

To ensure site safety for all concerned, the job was undertaken as a full contract lift. With our team providing not only the equipment but the qualified onsite personnel as well.  This leaves the organisers only having to worry about the where, and not the how, and especially not the keeping people safe (as long as they do what our team says of course).

So… We gathered the following, went collecting componetns and structures and over the course of a week (or so) got the site ready.

  • a 50tonne Mobile crane
  • 3 x 62t/m Rigid Crane Vehicles & Drawbar Trailers
  • 1 x 82t/m Artic Hiab
  • 1 x Flatbed Artic Vehicles
  • 3 x Curtainsider & Moffett Artics

In early July we returned with the same lineup of heavy haulage and lifting goodies to relocate the event to Madeira Drive for the rest of the summer season.

Due to the tight timescale (this is Brighton in the peak of summer remember) this operation had to be undertaken not only during normal day-time hours but also at weekends and during the night.

Check out more about The Warren here.  If you run a festival and need some logistics advice then get in touch with our transport or lifting teams today on 0800 915 23 23 or complete our contact form.

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