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Bond Bug Historic Lift

In the world of classic cars, some vehicles stand out not just for their design or performance but for their unique place in automotive history. The Bond Bug is one such gem, and one of these very collectable and iconic vehicles recently found its way into the collection of one of our valued customers. What followed was an extraordinary journey, where Sussex Transport’s expertise in contract lifting was put to the test to ensure the safe and precise placement of this remarkable car.

The Bond Bug: A Collectible Classic

The Bond Bug, produced in the early 1970s by the Reliant Motor Company, is a three-wheeled, wedge-shaped wonder that captured the imagination of car enthusiasts. Its distinctive design, with a sleek fibreglass body and a bright palette of colours, made it an instant hit. But what truly sets the Bond Bug apart is its rarity and unique place in automotive history.

With only around 2,270 ever produced, the Bond Bug has become a sought-after collectable. Its quirky charm and undeniable cool factor have earned it a dedicated fan base. Owning a Bond Bug is like possessing a piece of automotive art—a tangible link to a bygone era of motoring.

The Challenge: Lifting to New Heights

Our customer, a passionate collector, acquired a Bond Bug and had a vision—to proudly display this automotive masterpiece in their first-floor lounge, overlooking the serene waters of the English Channel. However, the challenge was apparent. How does one transport and lift a vintage car into a first-floor space, especially when the route in is via the a rear garden, a glass balcony and sliding doors?

Bond Bug into House

The Solution: Sussex Transport and Conquip Engineering Group

To overcome this logistical puzzle, initial site visits, risk assessments and method statements were created by our lifting team.  We knew the vehicle we needed, we knew the crane and flyjib required, we just needed a bug holder.  For that we teamed up with CONQUIP ENGINEERING GROUP, renowned for their innovative solutions in lifting and engineering.

We began by carefully removing the balcony glass to create the necessary space. A lifting box was provided by Conquip, perfectly sized to cradle the Bond Bug securely. With precision and expertise, our lifting team hoisted the Bond Bug over the house, avoiding any damage to the property and gardens.

The team then manoeuvred the bug out of its box, into the lounge and into position.

A Perfect Fit for Unique Challenges

This endeavour exemplified why Sussex Transport is the ideal partner for intricate and unique contract lifts. Our combination of experience, advanced equipment, and collaboration with expert engineering partners allows us to tackle even the most challenging projects. We understand that each lift is not just a task; it’s a delicate operation that requires finesse, precision, and care.

As the Bond Bug now rests proudly in the first-floor lounge, gazing out at the English Channel, it serves as a testament to our commitment to excellence and the trust our customers place in us. Sussex Transport is not just a transportation and lifting company; we are your partners in realising the extraordinary.

Whether it’s classic cars, heavy machinery, or any unique lifting challenge, Sussex Transport is here to make the impossible possible.

Contact us today to discuss your contract lifting needs, and let us help you bring your vision to new heights.