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Charity Support: Lancing Hauliers

Lancing based hauliers Sussex Transport, are proud to support the Kent Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance…

We support the Air Ambulance in a couple of ways. Our fleet of 20+ vehicles that travel throughout the South East daily carry the charity’s logo and a clear message of support to assist in spreading the word.

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We also donate bubble wrap for the air ambulance – these humble rolls of plastic, filled with air bubbles which we use for packaging, are also used by the medical teams as blankets.

Traumatised patients, even in very hot environments, lose their body heat rapidly- when this happens, blood clotting takes longer and bubble wrap can save lives by providing the most effective means of preserving temperature. This can make the difference between bleeding to death and survival.  Our drivers spend a lot of time out on the roads and more than 40% of the air ambulance’s call-outs are to road traffic collisions, so it’s reassuring to know KSSAAT are there should we ever need them. It made perfect sense to support the charity in this way.

This week sees the arrival of a new Air Ambulance helicopter. As well as being larger than the existing aircraft, the new helicopter cabin will allow medical teams 360 degree access to patients meaning life-saving, time-critical care can be given on board – something that isn’t currently possible.

The enhanced capabilities of the helicopter will allow them to further improve the life saving service being delivered to the community. The additional cabin space will also allow the charity to deploy larger teams for major emergencies.

Not only is the aircraft also slightly faster than the current MD902, it can also fly much further without the need for refuelling and will be ready for night flying for the Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance in late summer.


As well as taking delivery of the new helicopter, the trust is also planning on a major overhaul of its operations base.  It aims to consolidate its bases in Marden and Redhill with a single HQ at Old Hay Airfield in Paddock Wood, where the new chopper would be based.

The relocation would allow the charity to reach emergency incidents anywhere in the south east within 25 minutes.

In preparation for working 24 hours the specialist doctor and paramedic crews have already begun to deliver a medical service using an emergency response car through the night.

To make a donation to the Kent Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance click on this link

Sussex Transport continues to support the great work of this charity and we’re very proud to be associated with them.

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