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Christmas Containers

Let our Shipping Containers replace your need for the “just in time” delivery….

As you may have read, we at Sussex Transport have recently diversified into the business of selling, supplying, transporting and positioning shipping containers for whatever purposes our customers require.

Well we can’t believe it, but these containers are flying out of the door – it seems that everybody is after extra storage at this time of year for varying reasons.

Just this week we supplied a brand new shiny 20ft container to one of our customers in Bracknell for the sole purpose of storing his overflow Christmas stock. Like he says, it makes perfect sense to have a waterproof storage area on your own premises to enable you to simply drip feed stock into your shop as and when you need to.

Container Storage Rental and transport

In this day and age many businesses rely heavily on the manufacturers holding stock for them, this in turn eliminates the need of having to run their own warehouses and enduring the costly overheads that come with doing so. However, this also brings with it its own problems of the “just in time” delivery that we have all come to heavily rely upon. Sometimes (especially at this time of year) when everybody is so busy that “just in time” delivery can end up being more like a “when we can fit you in” delivery, so the container storage option is not only the perfect solution but makes financial sense too.

When the festivities are all over and your stock has been sold you aren’t left with a costly empty warehouse haemorrhaging the profits that you have just worked so hard to make over the festive season – just pick up the phone and ring us and we will come and uplift the container and it is at this point your storage costs cease… it really couldn’t be simpler.

So let us be your “go to” container supplier, we will happily sell or rent you a container and then transport and site it for you to wherever you need it to be.

Pick up the phone now and call Sussex Transport on 0800 915 23 23 before all they are all gone.

Alternatively, you can fill in one of our on line contact forms and we will call you back.