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Last Week's Activity

Last week saw more than just our wheels rolling as we kicked off a video project we’ve been threatening for a while now.

videos recording fordCovid, lockdowns, the weather, and a busy fleet all impacted our start date but we finally managed to release some space and pull together a truck, our appointed person, an empty container, and our local film maker to get our project ‘on the road’ so to speak.

The aim is to produce a suite of videos outlining the whens, whys, wheres, and hows of a lifting operation.


You may wonder why would we do this.  There are plenty of reasons really. The majority are to help prospective clients, site agents, homeowners (etc…) better understand the lifting process, including answers to questions like;

  • How big is a Hiab Truck?
  • How far can the crane reach?
  • Why cant the crane lift a container to the far end of my garden
  • Can you lift that over my wall?
  • Where would the truck park in order to lift the item into position?
  • Can you get the truck down my lane, or onto my driveway?
  • Do we need to worry about overhead power cables?

compliance visit videosAside from these extremely helpful explanations, by the time we have released set #1 of these videos, we’ll have covered off a collection of extremely important health and safety considerations too. The valuable snippets will be useful for both our team, trainers, trainees, future drivers and operators, as well as the general public.

After all these cranes and trucks are pretty large, can cause a lot of damage, and they do lift up a collection of rather large and heavy objects.

So look out for blogs and social posts in the near future.

Until then, our marketing team are in the studio with Morgan and Morgisbord