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Hot Tub HIAB Transport Guide

Jacuzzi’s, Hot Tubs, Swim Spa’s, Exercise Pools…. There are so many options on the market these days and far more affordable than ten years or so ago.
Once it has been delivered by the manufacturer, a large Jacuzzi is tricky to move again.  Many are seen for sale in local papers or Ebay – where the popularity of owning one of these ‘luxury’ items is obvious.

Sussex Transport are being asked to move more and more of these items on one of their specialist HIAB lorries – a lorry with a crane mounted on it – ideal for lifting, raising and manoeuvring large, heavy objects accurately and avoiding damage to the item/s.

With the benefit of being able to store your hot tub in our secure warehouses, we can also take the strain out of getting this done all on the same day. Perhaps the garden needs landscaping before the spa arrives … we can help! Allowing you to ‘tread water’ until you need it delivered!


Exercise pools / Swim Spa’s are the new thing to have – slightly larger than a hot tub – these are from approximately 14 feet long and are tailor-made for the swimming enthusiast. The swim jets create currents from a gentle flow – perfect for water jogging and resistance exercises that will give serious and recreational swimmers a chance to really ‘’let out their stroke’’

So if you are thinking of moving house and considering selling your hot tub – why not see if it can be moved first.  As long as the access is good – Sussex Transport would be pleased to quote for moving your hot tub / spa / Jacuzzi .