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Worthing Hot Tub Crane

When a local resident called to confirm they wanted a hot tub moved out of their recently renovated property our planners and lifting team jumped into action.

Hot Tubs can often be moved on their sides, on dollies, down the side of the house (or building), or in through the back gates. However, in some circumstances, it just is not possible to do these things and you need to call in the help of some heavy lifting equipment. When you purchase a new hot tub from a supplier they will often offer delivery and positioning (they will likely still be utilising companies like us for the tough ones). Sometimes you may decide to take on the task yourself, or your property and location may be out of their comfort zone and a lifting team like ours can come in very handy.

It is not always a brand new tub being delivered of course. Sometimes a tub or swim spa will need to be re-positioned, have been sold, or removed ready for a house move. That is when you may personally need a lifting service.

On this occasion in Worthing, it was a large detached property and we had to draft in the big stuff.

To lift this tub up and over the house from the back garden (ready for the client to move house) we utilised our Artic Hiab unit. Detached from its trailer our driver was able to position the crane vehicle onto the driveway of the property, place the supporting legs and pads into position and release the crane and fly jib.

The crane itself has a 25m reach which is further extended with the jib. Once extended, the team were able to safely and securely strop the hot tub and begin the careful lift up and over the substantial property ready for transport to its next home.

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