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Vatican Freight Delivery

Sussex Transport made a road freight delivery to the Popes home town last week!
Vatican City consists of a walled enclave  within the city of Rome, Italy. It has an area of approximately 110 acres, and a population of just over 800.


Pilgrims at this month’s Catholic World Youth Day  in Madrid will have some high-tech help in their devotions, thanks to a new iPhone app!

World Youth Day (WYD), an international gathering held every three years in a different city, is taking place August 16-21, culminating on the final day with an outdoor Mass celebrated by Pope Benedict XVI. An estimated 1 million people will be in Madrid for the week – the same number as attended the event in Germany in 2005.

The new iJPII app , named for Pope John Paul II, who held the first WYD in 1986, offers a selection of prayers and poems and photos of him and his successor.

The app, which also works on the Apple iPad and iPod devices, will provide continuously updated information about World Youth Day activities, directions to recommended restaurants and lodgings, and a sightseeing guide to Madrid. WYD participants will be able to track each other’s location via GPS, using a social networking utility included in the app.

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