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Carshalton Historical HIAB Delivery

Need something large or heavy moved?  Sussex Transports fleet of HIAB trucks are at your service! Cabins, shipping containers, skips, portable toilets and other cumbersome loads are all part of the day to day work at Sussex Transport.

Last week we made a delivery of a skip to Carshalton in Surrey on one of our HIAB vehicles

A forgotten WWII air raid shelter which protected hundreds of people from German bombs has been discovered in a park in Carshalton.

The shelter, which has space for up to 1,000 people, was discovered after a hole appeared in the ground in one of the towns parks.  It is believed that the shelter consisted of a rectangle of four corridors, approximately five feet across, which would have housed people sitting on wooden benches.

Carshalton was hit a number of times by German Luftwaffe bombers during the war and also suffered a number of V1 rocket strikes. Preliminary investigations suggest the rediscovered shelter is in good condition and officials now plan to excavate it further.

Carshalton has also been in the news this week after local scrap metal dealer funded the replacement of fourteen bronze plaques bearing the names of 243 World War I servicemen after they were stolen from Carshalton warmemorial in Sutton in September 2011.

Stuart Nebbett, who runs a scrap yard in Merton, said he was as “outraged as everyone else” that it had been “plundered”.

The new plaques, which were made from Portland stone, were unveiled earlier this year.

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