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Southampton Portable Cabin HIAB

This week saw one of our hiab drivers spending a morning on site in Southampton for one of our customers.

The instructions we received were to move and relocate a number of portable cabins as instructed by the site foreman.

On arrival at site our driver hunted down the site foreman who showed him what needed moving, from where to where, and left him to his own devices.

Our hiab/crane drivers are all professionally trained and are experienced enough to be given instructions and then left to fulfill those instructions without the need for constant supervision (within reasonable safety parameters of course).

This site was a new build housing site and with phase one having been completed the units were now required to be moved to the newly started phase two…our driver expertly manoevered his vehicle into position each time to be able to lift each cabin onto his vehicle one at a time and to successfully move them across site to their new location.

Once all cabins had been moved and the foreman was happy our driver stowed his crane away and set off in search of his next job of the day…

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We at Sussex Transport are very proficient in all kinds of cabin and container movements so if you are in need of help or advice with any of your transport needs whatever it is just pick up the phone and call Sussex Transport, we can then discuss your requirements in further detail.

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