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Sussex to Stansted Container HIAB

Our fleet of vehicles range from Sprinters for the smaller loads right through to 18t , Artic, HIAB (Crane Mounted)  and Moffett’s (on board Fork lift ) for larger haulage requirements.

Last week we made a dedicated delivery of a container to Stansted – home of one of Britain’s busy airports.

Despite the airport security liquid allowance being in force for over six years, today’s travellers are still not up to speed!  With nearly half admitting they don’t know the 100ml rule, according to London Stansted Airport.
60% believe baked beans are exempt while a staggering 28% don’t think water counts as a liquid.

The top ten most bizarre items confiscated at London Stansted security were as follows;
• Crustaceans
• Love cuffs
• Human body fat!!
• A sweet jar containing live goldfish
• Machete
• Snow globes
• Drills and sanders
• Sling shots
• Dirty nappies
• Air rifles.

The research highlights that this lack of security know-how means that customers are holding up queues at security to declare items. More than one in five travellers admit to having had items confiscated.

Of those that had to handover items at security, many tried to talk their way out of it with excuses such as “I forgot they were in my bag”  followed by “I didn’t know what the legal size limit was for liquids” and “I didn’t realise they were actual liquids”.

At JFK Airport in the USA, one security officer spotted something which required further investigation…  it turned out that somebody had pushed his leatherman knife into a full container of mayonnaise.

If you can’t bring knives on the plane, and you can’t bring more than 100ml of any gel or liquid… you will get caught out!!
JFK reported that no sandwiches were harmed in the process; the mayo and the knife were confiscated and the man was allowed on his way!

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