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Brighton to Portsmouth HIAB Hire

On a daily basis, Sussex Transport lift and shift hiab crane and flatbed loads across Sussex, Surrey and the wider South East.  Just last month we were asked to provide an Artic HIAB (and low loader trailer) to lift, escort and transport an abnormal load Modular Building from Brighton to Portsmouth.  Initially, this sounds like quite a straightforward request but when transporting specialist abnormal loads there is a lot more involved than just the wide load notification to the relevant Police Establishments and planning can take days/weeks to organise before the actual day of movement to ensure everything is in place…

As a FORS / Crossrail / MACE and Costain approved haulier, and one who provides driver industry training as a service, safety is of paramount importance to Sussex Transport. For a client who requires a something lifted and moved / relocated but is not adequately trained or have the expertise to undertake a crane operation, they can ask us to provide a contract lift service.

Bringing Sussex Transport in to manage the full lifting operation means you (the customer) does not have the worry and responsibility of planning, organising and managing the lift. We operate as per Allmi regulations, and British Standard 7121 ‘Safe use of cranes and lorry loaders’ and LOLER (Lifting Operation & Lifting Equipment Regulations).

Sussex Transport will supply the Appointed Person, lift supervisors and slinger / signallers required to carry out the operation successfully and safely. Along with the personnel, we will specify and select the most appropriate vehicle to carry out the operation under CPA Contract Lift Terms & Conditions.

The Appointed Person is the team leader who is responsible for carrying out the site survey, RAMS and planning of the lifting operation. They will have overall responsibility of the lift.

The Lift Supervisor is responsible on the day(s) of the operation.  Acting for and under the Appointed Person they will direct the lift and are able at any point to halt operations if required.

Slinger/Signallers are responsible for attaching the loads and communicating with the crane operator during the lift.

As part of a contract lift we also provide the required CPA insurance cover. For more information on the safe use of lorry loaders you can download the CPA – ALLMI Best Practise Guide here.

Our Contract lift team are ready to answer your questions and alleviate your concerns – email or phone us on 0800 915 23 23