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Crane Floor Installation

This week we sent our Artic Hiab Crane vehicle to a residential construction project in Sussex. The job was to help move 72 Concrete beams over a house and into position on a new block and beam floor.

Block and Beam Floor Construction & Installation projects are increasingly common and ensure that flooring for builds and extensions can be put down with speed and without having to wait for large concrete slabs to dry out.

In some instances, moving such a large quantity of beams into position can be tricky.  Access can be a barrier, but also speed requirements on site can mean that its best to call in some help from a machine. In this case, our Artic HIAB

The building firm carrying out this work were extremely pleased with how simple our operator made the whole process and by pulling in our team they were able to reallocate onsite resources while we were lifting.  They saved time, money and their backs!

If you have a block and beam installation pending or carry out this sort of work regularly then please get in touch before your next job.

Call our lifting team on 0800 915 23 23 or complete one of our contact forms.

Block & Beam Installation Block & Beam Installation Block & Beam Installation Block & Beam Installation Block & Beam Installation