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HIAB or Flatbed Odd Transport

Sussex Transport provides Nationwide Sameday Road Transport and National Road Haulage services.  We specialise in the movement of goods from A to B. 
our modern, diverse fleet has the benefit of arguably the best fleet management technology available on the market today, enabling us to pin-point and constantly monitor the real-time movement of our vehicles.
From the heavy & cumbersome – to the down right bizarre – Sussex Transport’s fleet of HIAB & Flatbed vehicles have the answer!

Don’t want to sell it, but urgently need Your Hot Tub moved?

For our fleet of HIAB’s this is becoming a regular part of our work – if you have the access – we can move it for you!

Summer House / Log Cabin needs to be moved?
Again – this is easy for our HIAB vehicles…

And the more unusual jobs we have done ….

  • 4’ tea cups
  • Oversized bunny
  • Old steam engine
  • Giant mirror
  • Flight Simulator Parts
  • Arabian Tents & furniture
  • Market Stalls
  • 6’  model of a fly

Why not ask Sussex Transport for a quote on your next big move?  We are happy to help with our HIAB or Flatbed hire service!