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Cranleigh Surrey Delivery

With our fleet of Sprinters, Flatbeds, Curtain Sides, 7.5t, 18t, Luton’s, Moffett’s and HIAB’S, we can deliver goods of all sizes and weights – from the smallest parcel right through to shipping containers and cabins.

Last month we made a dedicated delivery of office equipment to Cranleigh in Surrey in one of our Sprinter Vehicles.

Before the 1860’s Cranleigh was spelt ‘Cranley’ but the postal address was being confused with the town of Crawley. The spelling change was requested by the Post Office in the 1860s to avoid incorrect deliveries!

Lewis Caroll was said to have been inspired to create his Cheshire Cat character in his novel Alice in Wonderland, from a gargoyle positioned on a pillar in St Nicholas’ Church in Cranleigh.  The author lived in neighbouring Guildford and used to travel to Cranleigh regularly.


‘’Grinning like a Cheshire cat’’ …was this something to do with the cats of Cheshire being happy to feast on all the milk from the cheese factories in Cheshire? Although this is a myth… there could well be some truth in it!

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