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RHS Transport ProviderChatsworth House is home to the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, and has been passed down through 16 generations of the Cavendish family. It is a family home, a working farm, and a living landscape.

Chatsworth-HouseThe site for RHS Chatsworth Flower Show (5-9th June) has a high level of archaeological interest throughout, which requires a rigorous planning process, there are limitations on what can and can’t be done in certain areas in order to protect the site. This alone can be quite a challenge.

This site is such a historic one, that initially extensive research has to be undertaken into the underlying archaeology. This includes carrying out geophysical and resistivity surveys, test pits and trench excavations helping to avoid areas of particular sensitivity. This is also why the Show Gardens have been allocated an area in the southeast corner of the show site, which is an area of previously disturbed ground.

Another thing that has to be taken into account is any impact that might be had on local wildlife, so the RHS commissioned an independent specialist company to carry out an ecology appraisal survey report of the show site. They advised us on special measures to protect and minimise the impact on wildlife on and around the show site.

Then there was the River Derwent which is 60 metres at its widest point within the show site. The biggest challenge was how could such a distance be spanned whilst still complying with the environmental conditions including the consideration of flood risk as well as  ensuring minimal impact to the ecology of the river.

So all in all the planning process each year is somewhat challenging and undeniably more  demanding than “Just a walk in the Park”

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