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Glass & Window Logistics: Offload, Store, Deliver

Here at Sussex Transport not all our work is gained from commercial businesses, we quite often get calls from private individuals seeking our help and expertise.  Sometimes this leads to a lot more.

During October we had a request from a member of the public who asked if we were able to take into storage a delivery of palletised windows, one being oversize and the other being a standard size pallet… he has specific instructions that these pallets needed to be stored level, dry and safely with nothing being stacked on top of them…. of course we are able to help!

Once we discussed inbound logistics with the manufacturer we also realised that we could help them too. By taking a larger inbound delivery set, scheduled for 3 residential projects and a commercial project in the South East we were able to remove a collection of headaches from the supplier as well as the sites.

So this week, the manufacturers articulated truck arrived in our yard all the way from Germany, and once the pallets had safely been offloaded by our warehouse forklift operative they were carefully placed into one of our storage areas waiting instructions for their individual delivery slots.

The original customer needs these pallets delivered to site in two separate deliveries a week apart. The delivery site has restricted access and no offloading facilities. So not quite a standard / straight forward delivery. But we are always up for a bit of a challenge.

We often get asked to deliver to locations with no offloading facilities, and in these instances we would normally deliver on a truck with a tail lift.  But this is always dependent on the size of the pallets (manoevreability purposes) and the weight of the pallets for the health and safety aspect.

Our next option would be to deliver on a vehicle with a forklift attachment but in this instance because of the restricted access the vehicle will be too large, so we have decided that a smaller truck with a hiab crane attachment will be the perfect match.

Check our Glass & Window Contract lift blog for a similar project on the South Downs

Sussex Transport regularly work in partnership with private individuals as well as commercial companies and we are always happy to discuss your requirements whatever the restrictions – we will always have a vehicle to suit your needs… so if we can assist you please call us on 0800 915 23 23 to discuss in further detail.

Alternatively, complete our online enquiry form and we will get straight back to you.

Sussex Transport HIAB delivery to site

Sussex Transport HIAB delivery to site