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Wimbledon Festival Deliveries

With a fleet of HIABs, curtain side, flatbeds, Artic’s, 7.5t, 18t, Moffetts and 4×4’s, Sussex Transport can cover a wide variety of deliveries from a small package to an Artic load of materials.

As the start of the festival and events season is now upon us, we have already been asked to transport equipment to and from the Wimbledon Tennis Championships, have done some work at the Isle of Wight Festival and have been on site at a very muddy Worthy Farm for the Glastonbury Festival assisting with the set up.

This year the Wimbledon Tennis Championships will run from 27 June to 10 July – when it’s hoped the storms and rain clouds will have cleared!

Strawberries, enthusiastic crowds, famous faces and of course wall to wall television coverage, all add to the atmosphere and tradition!

As with any large event, it takes an enormous amount of co-ordination from a multitude of companies and organisers to ensure those two weeks in June run smoothly.

Ball girls and boys start training for Wimbledon in February and from the 700 local children applying for the jobs – only 250 are selected!

One strawberry at Wimbledon will set you back around 25p!

So what needs to be brought in for the event?

  •  54,250 tennis balls!
  • 330,000 cups of tea and coffee
  • 230,000 bottles of water
  • 234,000 meals served
  • 320,000 glasses of Pimm’s
  • 110,000 sandwiches and baguettes
  • 25,000 scones
  • 110,000 pints of draught beer and lager
  • 16,000 portions of fish and chips
  • 44,000 litres of milk
  • 140,000 portions of English strawberries
  • 10,000 litres of dairy cream
  • 10,000 portions of frozen yoghurt
  • 29,000 bottles of champagne
  • 5,000 kilos of bananas (for players)
  • 86,000 ice cream portions
  • 30,000 stone baked pizzas

That’s some shopping list for the organisers!

This year we are delivering supplies to Wimbledon in one of our 18t vehicles.   Satellite tracking means the client can be informed of where their delivery is at every leg of the journey ensuring a professional job from start to finish.

For more information on what we can do for you – why not call one of our dedicated team on 01903 751100 or drop us an e-mail at

We like to think that we offer a championship delivery service! so we’d LOVE to hear from you!


A Wimbledon delivery a few years ago

A Wimbledon delivery a few years ago