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Latvia Glass Shipment

Transporting fragile goods?  Delivery of high value goods?  Urgent same day deliveries?  Sussex Transport is familiar with the need for speed and security, which is why we are asked to move goods for our regular customers time and time again!

This week we watched as two 40’ shipping containers backed into our yard and were loaded with 100,000 glasses, having been stored for a client in our warehouse.  The huge containers then made their way to Dover for loading onto a container ship.

Latvians like a drink! In Latvia it is estimated that around 10 litres of pure alcohol are consumed per person per year and statistics show that the number of minors being brought into hospitals with alcohol poisoning is on the rise.

A new Latvian coin featuring a beer mug on one side has sparked a spat between the country’s health ministry and central bank amid accusations it amounts to hidden alcohol advertising.

The silver coloured one Lat coin (which is worth about £1.30) was released last year to mark the Baltic country’s midsummer solstice festival where beer drinking looms large.

But the former Soviet republic’s health ministry took exception to the new coin, writing an angry letter to the Bank of Latvia alleging that; “The coin contradicts our efforts to cut down on the consumption of alcohol in society.”

In the throes of an anti-alcohol campaign, the health ministry also wrote to a school which tested final year pupils on the history of Scotch whisky as part of an oral exam this year, complaining that the topic was “unacceptable.”

On the flip side (see what we did there?!)Latvia is a beautiful country to visit with its unspoiled landscapes, quaint villages and breathtaking scenery. There are four distinct seasons in Latvia and holidays to the Baltic’s are becoming increasingly popular amongst European and worldwide travellers.

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