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FORS Silver Haulier Criteria

Fors transport haulier London“Prove you’re safer, smarter and greener” is what the website says when you first hop on.  We love this notion! Having clean, smart, and modern vehicles, coupled with highly trained drivers, is an internal requirement our Directors and team have always ensured Sussex Transport adhere too.

Health and Safety, as well as fleet and process enhancements, are tasks our compliance team pushes hard right across the business. Best practices must be followed in every area of Sussex Transports operations.

These fundamentals made the decision to head for FORS Bronze & Silver (and most likely Gold in the near future) very easy indeed.

Elements of continued focus for our team include the following:

  • Active monitoring of operational performance for fuel, emissions, PCNs, collisions & incidents
  • Processes  and strategies in place to commit to reducing fuel consumption and minimising environmental impact
  • Management of road risk via training, assessment, and initiatives
  • Professional development of drivers through a PDP (Professional Development Plan) Especially concentrating on vulnerable road users
  • Enhanced vehicle safety equipment- blind spot minimisation through class VI mirrors, 4 x way HD camera systems, turn left alarms and proximity sensors

So… right from the horse’s mouth.  What is FORS?

The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) is a voluntary accreditation scheme for fleet operators which aims to raise the level of quality within fleet operations, and to demonstrate which operators are achieving exemplary levels of best practice in safety, efficiency, and environmental protection.
Becoming a FORS member can bring you the peace of mind that your company is managing its work related road risk (WRRR) – and demonstrates to your customers and supply chain your commitment to exceeding the industry standard.
“( – Feb 2019).

FORS Hauliers

The FORS accreditation requirements continue to change, develop and adapt and it certainly keeps the industry moving forward – not just the wheels!  It also keeps our team on their toes, even though they’d like to tell you they are always on top of it (lucky for us, they do seem to be!).

We’ve recently upgraded our system to the latest version (v5) and look forward this years Silver audit.

Fors Silver transport companyFORS Silver at v5 covers:

  • Operational Improvement
  • Audible Warning Systems
  • Blind Spot Minimisation
  • Vulnerable Road User Safety Training
  • Performance Data
  • Fuel & Emissions
  • and, Road Risk

Until we go for Gold!…..

Give us a call to discuss your very own FORS delivery requirements.  0800 915 23 23 or 01903 751100 or complete our transport contact form