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Shipping Container Grants

The Football Foundation’s Storage Grant offers a fantastic opportunity for football clubs to enhance their infrastructure with secure and versatile storage solutions. This initiative recognises the growing need for clubs to store their equipment efficiently and securely. The grant covers the purchase of new or fully refurbished storage containers, which are perfect for keeping everything from training gear to maintenance tools safe from the elements and potential vandalism.

Shipping containers are increasingly popular among football clubs for their durability, security, and adaptability. They can withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring that the equipment remains in top condition. Their robust construction also offers excellent security against theft. Moreover, the containers can be easily customised and converted for various uses beyond storage, such as changing rooms or clubhouses, offering clubs a cost-effective way to expand their facilities.

Football Club Shipping Storage Container Grant

Applying for the Football Foundation’s grant involves a clear demonstration of the need for additional storage and how a container will meet this need. Clubs should also consider the space available for the container on their premises and may need to secure planning permission as part of the process. A detailed application that highlights the direct benefits to the club and its community can strengthen the chances of receiving the grant.

Football clubs in Sussex and beyond stand to gain significantly from this grant. Not only does it provide a practical solution to storage challenges, but it also opens up possibilities for club expansion and community engagement without the hefty financial burden often associated with building new structures.

For clubs interested in applying for the grant can explore more on the Football Foundation Storage Grant Web Page.

Of course when you’re ready for your container or want a price for supply and delivery, do not forget to get in touch with our Container Team at ST Containers, or call us directly.

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