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Success in Finland

Finland was one of the destinations Sussex Transport delivered to last week.

Our dedicated freight department organised a road freight delivery of goods to Turku, a medieval city situated on the southwest coast.

Because of its long history – records of Turku date back to the late 13th century – it has been the site of many important historical events and has influenced much of Finnish history. For the year 2011, Turku has been designated to be the European Capital of Culture together with Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia. In 1996 it was declared the official Christmas City of Finland.There are 455 permanently inhabited islands in Finland with no road connection to mainland. Many other islands are used nearly permanently for recreational purposes. Smaller isles number in tens of thousands!

Finland won the Eurovision song contest back in 2006 for the first time with Lordi’s “Hard Rock Hallelujah”. A rather obscure looking band – which broke records scoring the highest number of points in Eurovision Song Contest history, but its title was taken by Norway in 2009

This weekend, the UK scored 100 points in the Eurovision Song contest held in Germany.

Pop group ‘Blue’ were winning at one point as the votes came in with their entry ‘I can’ which saw them scoring ten times more points than last years entry!

Ireland also did well with their pop-tastic ‘Lipstick’ sung by twins ‘Jedward’ famed for their X Factor success and electrifying looking hair styles!

Sussex Transport boasts deliveries to Europe and across the globe, as their freight department increase business, we look forward to bringing you news & fascinating facts from all around the world!