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Eruption Disruption?

The Grimsvotn volcano eruption comes a year after ash from the Eyjafjallajokull volcano caused massive disruption to many businesses, not least the travel industry. This one has thrown ash 20km (about 12 miles!!) into the air at its peak – although that has now shrunk to around 13km

Whilst the Met Office claims there may not be airspace closures- it will possibly make flight disruption likely.

Because of the changeable weather at the moment The Met Office, which runs Europe’s Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre, said there was a lot of uncertainly about this eruption.
Icelandic air traffic control has closed Keflavik airport, the country’s main hub, and cancelled all domestic flights.
The Ash Cloud is expected to be over the UK today (Wednesday) as well as parts of Russian air space too.
Last year the huge ash cloud problem was though to have cost airlines £130 million per day!

Sussex Transport have recently make daily air freight deliveries worldwide and recently exported goods to Cannes in France, Slovenia, Finland, Pakistan and Japan. As our freight department expands we are very aware of how natural disasters can impact our business – we will be keeping our eye on this story as it develops and keeping our customers informed of any travel ‘eruptions’ as they occur!