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Dover to Andover HIAB

With a large fleet of vehicles to cater for most loads, Sussex Transport makes collections and deliveries up and down the UK every day.

Last month we collected a container from the port of Dover and delivered to Andover in Hampshire on one of our HIAB Lorries.

The Port of Dover is the nearest English port to France, at just 34 kilometres (21 miles) away, and one of Europe’s largest passenger ports.

Each year the port handles 16 million travellers, 2.1 million lorries, 2.8 million cars and motorcycles and 86,000 coaches!

Many holiday makers embark on their cruise holiday from the port of Dover.  Cruising is becoming very popular – and we’ve found a rather ‘nice little holiday’ which will set you back a mere £1.18m per couple!

The 124-day holiday on board the ‘Silver Whisper’ departs from Los Angeles in January 2013 and includes visits to 28 countries, including French Polynesia, New Zealand and Australia.

• The trip starts with you being whisked away from your home or hotel in London by helicopter and flown to a London airport. At the airport you’ll dine on Beluga Caviar, priced at a £4,000 per kilogram
• You will then fly to the United States by private charter on board a Boeing business jet that features mahogany panelling and gold-plated fixtures.
• During the flight, a Michelin star chef will create a 10-course tasting menu for you.
• You’ll be staying at the Beverley Wiltshire Hotel for a few days to recover from that stressful journey before being transported to the luxury liner
• Once at sea you’ll be in the Royal Suite, which has two bedrooms, two marbled bathrooms, dining area and two balconies.
• To finish off the holiday you will enjoy a four night post-cruise stay in a six-bedroom villa in Miami, Florida.

Bon Voyage!

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