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Oxfordshire Artic Delivery

Sussex Transports fleet of Artic, 18t, 7.5t, HIABs, Moffetts and Sprinters make regular collections and deliveries up and down the UK.
Last week we made a delivery to Witney in Oxfordshire on an Artic Lorry of display items, ‘pop up shops’ and set builds for one of our clients.

Oxfordshire was issued with no less than TEN flood alerts last week alone!
It was the wettest April in the UK since records began in 1910, with flood alerts and warnings in place across England and Wales. But despite the wet weather, much of the country remains in an officially dry state.

It has been suggested that England could see standpipes in the street next year if the country goes through a third dry winter.

Standpipes were used in 1976 when a drought and heat wave in the UK lead to a hosepipe ban and other measures being introduced in an effort to conserve water.

People have long spoken of April showers, but the likes of last month’s heavy rain and storms haven’t been seen in more than 100 years. The heavens opened just as hosepipe bans were introduced and a number of regions were officially declared to be in drought.

Apparently rain has come at the wrong time of year … (the WRONG sort of rain?!)
The past 18 months have been the driest on record, resulting in low groundwater levels and ground that is extremely dry.

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