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Although based in Sussex, a successful family run haulage firm, Sussex Transport makes deliveries for clients all over the UK & Europe.

With a large varied fleet to accommodate most loads, we always welcome new enquiries.

Last month saw one of our drivers delivering to Sunseeker (the UK’s largest luxury yacht maker) in Poole, Dorset on behalf of a client.

Despite heavyweight objections from road users and the police, a ban on Lorries using a major Poole route is to go ahead.

The Borough of Poole is to extend its night-time ban on heavy vehicles using one of its busiest roads to apply at all times. The ban will encompass all heavy goods vehicles (except for loading) at a large number of commercial premises in the area.

Abnormal loads will be allowed and there will be an exception when the lifting bridge is closed to traffic.

However, Poole Harbour Commissioners object saying their operation is heavily dependent on freight movement throughout the town, the necessary road network is not in place and a ban should not be considered until the two-bridge system is working well.


Sunseeker says it needs the road for abnormal loads and to access the Dawkins Road site and Brittany Ferries says it will hinder access to the port and jeopardise competitiveness.
Dorset Police also raised concerns about the high level of policing required and the effect this would have on priorities.

As well as transporting goods, Sussex Transport can also offer secure warehousing and storage solutions at its large, secure warehouse based near Brighton on the South Coast.

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