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Glastonbury 'IIcon' Stage Logistics

So Glastonbury Festival’s five days of partying is now all over and everybody has gone home happy, but exhausted – well at least that is what you would like to think happens. But that isn’t the case at all, spare a thought for those left behind to do the clearing up which is no mean feat and takes nearly as long with just as much organising as the setting up does.

Field at Glastonbury bring prepared for the festival

Everybody involved now has to organise the packing up of their gear and the getting it back to base – this is where we at Sussex Transport come in…. Initially, we took 2 artic curtain sided loads of mixed equipment from our customers premises in London and delivered it to Glastonbury and after the event, we were back to the festival ground to collect and return to London…. We love a job where we get to finish what we started.

We also played a small but never-the-less important part in delivering one of the most exciting new stages at Glastonbury this year. 7 artic flatbed loads of structure from London to Glastonbury helped make up the audio visual animated sculpture stage set known as “IICON” which made its debut this year at Glastonbury….. Described by the builders as “a sinister monument to the terrifying realities of this digital, post-truth age that we find ourselves in”, IICON is a mammoth 65ft sculpture of a head “anonymized by a giant block that contains an LED wall entranced by the image of itself, and by the screens”.

Glastonbury ICON

Once the show is over the set gets broken down and stored in containers, because after
Glastonbury IICON will be taken on a global world tour but will return to Glastonbury Festival every year, including a special show in 2020 to help celebrate Glastonbury’s 50th anniversary…. So look out for it!!!

Our drivers love being a part of something new and different and this year didn’t disappoint! If you are looking for a transport company to take you on an iconic journey with one of the vehicles from their diverse fleet then pick up the phone and call us now on 0800 915 23 23 and speak to one of our Operations Team or fill in one of our online enquiry forms….. what are you waiting for?

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