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Brighton to Beyoncé's Boutique

Founded in March 1909, Selfridges is now a well known department store in London’s Oxford Street – with other outlets in Manchester and Birmingham.  Sussex Transport made recent delivery of goods from Brighton to the store famed for its extravagant window displays and famous names, in one of their 7.5t Tail Lift vehicles.


  • The first public demonstration of television  was by John Logie Baird  from the first floor of Selfridges from 1–27 April 1925.
  • In December 1974, Selfridges was bombed. There were very few injuries amongst the shoppers and staff and by the next day, it was ‘business as usual.’
  • In the Eighties, Selfridges became the first British department store to advertise on television.
  • In 2003, the chain was acquired by Canada’s Galen Weston  for £598 million.
  • Staff at Selfridges in the city centre have recently been told not to use the words ‘hi ya’, ‘see ya’ and ‘cheers’ when addressing customers. Instead, they must only use ‘hello’, ‘goodbye’ and ‘thank you’.
  • Singer Beyonce lived out every girls dream after spending thousands of pounds in a mammoth shopping spree in London recently. In the record time of 90 minutes, the pop diva shelled out £5,000 in Top Shop in Oxford Street before moving on to Selfridges with her mother where she added another £4,000 to her clothing bill!


  • Foreign shoppers at Harrods and Selfridges mean peak-demand is in July and August. Selfridges opened its Christmas department this year four days earlier than in 2010, to include the last weekend of July.

Sussex Transport is proud to be associated with deliveries to big brand names such as Boots, Hamleys, WH Smiths, Amazon, Sony and Virgin.