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Moving Containers & Cabins

Yesterday a HIAB lorry arrived in our yard with a 20’ shipping container and lowered it gently onto our forecourt next to the warehouse. It’s huge! And heavy! But the strength and capability of that HIAB crane moved it with ease!
It’s due to be packed with goods which have been stored on pallet racks in our large warehouse for a client.  One of our HIAB vehicles will transport it to Dover shortly, where it will be loaded onto a huge container vessel and shipped to France for its onward journey.

Primarily used for transporting goods overseas, shipping containers are sometimes used specifically for storage. A company who buy new containers and use them for stores from day 1 will purchase them from the shipping container manufacturer. These will be filled with goods for export – typically from China – therefore covering the transport costs, before being delivered to the storage company.
Once a shipping container has “retired from the sea” it is traditionally used for building site storage etc and referred to as a 20ft store.
The price of a container is completely dependent on the price of steel.

In the same week we have taken delivery of a couple of prefab offices – portable cabins became popular in the 1960’s as a cheap and easy way of adding extra classroom space to schools.  Eventually this too will be moved on one of our vehicles and taken to its required destination on one of our fleet of flatbed Lorries.

The everyday work of Sussex Transport in the South East of England regularly involves moving cabins and containers – it’s something we are familiar with and can offer you an experienced and confident service.

Why not give us a call for a quote next time you need your cabin or container, prefab or security box moved.  We’d be happy to help you.