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Container Delivery to Chichester


Sussex Transport and ST Containers carry out a next day quote, specification, delivery, and positioning of a 20′ shipping container for storage in Chichester, West Sussex

At the tail end of November on a lovely sunny day, our container hire team picked up a call from a land and homeowner in Chichester looking for a shipping container for use as storage at pretty short notice – the next day.

Lucky enough for Mr Terry we keep a stock of containers ready to go.

Will from our ST Containers sales team went to work organising the delivery with our lifting team and transport planners, and Mr Terry was able to get back to work pretty quickly in the knowledge that when he woke up the next day Rob would be on site with his new container.

A short jaunt from our Container site in Ford, near Arundel, and Rob was on site, able to get his vehicle into position and offload safely into the exact spot required.

As you can see below the delivery was a success, and the client was extremely happy.

Mr Terry had the following to say “Will, was very helpful and explained the pricing and process in detail. I placed my order and the container arrived 9am the following morning as agreed. It is in great condition and perfect for my needs. I highly recommend the company.”

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